Internal medicine department

At our veterinary center we do diagnostic research and treatment of pathologies relating to every body system of dog and cat (haematological ,cardiological ,respiratory ,gastrointestinal tract, urogenital, skin, neurological,  endocrinological system). 

Surgical department

At our veterinary center we do soft tissue surgeries, surgeries related to urogenital system, obstetrical surgeries and mammary gland surgeries. It is very important ovariohysterectomy and castration being done at a small age because they are preventive of prostate pathologies at males and preventive of various pathologies at females (pyometra,  pseudocyesis and mammary gland neoplasms). 

Laboratory examinations

The veterinary center is equipped with haematological and biochemical analyser. These analysers allow us to do haematological and biochemical examinations with fast results. Also we can do serological tests for infectious diseases of dog and cat. Finally we can do laboratory urinalysis. Laboratory examinations are crucial for the diagnostic research and management of pathologies but also can be done at a preventive yearly rate at healthy animals. 

Imaging tests

The veterinary center is equipped with a coloured ultrasound machine that give us the opportunity to do abdominal scans and echocardiography scans at your beloved pets. The ultrasound examination is very important for the diagnostic research of various pathologies of dog and cat but also can be done as a preventive examination at healthy animals. 

Animal Hospitalization

We have a fully organized animal hospitalization section for ill patients that require intensive care and for patients after surgery in order to follow their post-operative health. The hospitalization ward is equipped with special diagnostic equipment (monitor that measures vital functions of the patient and intravenous infusion pump) that enable the close monitoring of the patient's health and help the patient's recovery. 

Preventive care

The veterinary center apllies  the latest vaccination protocolls for dogs and cats. Our small friends should be vaccinated in order to be protected against various infectious diseases. Also our pets should take preventive antiparasetic treatment for endoparasites and for ectoparasites. Preventive antiparasetic treatment is very important for the prevention from diseases that are transmitted with the parasites but also from diseases that are caused by the parasites themselves.

Dental care

Good mouth hygiene is a very important part of the preventive care of our pet. We can prevent or slow down the appearance of mouth pathologies at dogs and cats if we learn them to tolerate tooth brushing at a regular rate. At our veterinary center you will find specialized products that help maintain good mouth hygiene for your pets. Also we offer complete dental care for patients that have already mouth diseases. Complete dental care includes preventive mouth check, regular check of deciduous teeth, cleaning and polishing of the teeth with ultrasonic scaler and teeth extraction.

Pet grooming

At our veterinary center we can do haircut, brushing, nail cutting, ear cleaning and bathing of your beloved  pets. 

Pet shop

At our veterinary center you can find a wide variety of clinical diets for ill pets and diets for healthy animals of all ages. Also you will find food supplements for various pathologies and treats and snacks for your beloved pets. Finally you will find plenty of accessories for dogs  and cats (collars, harnesses, leashes, carriers and other accessories).